Nov. 9th, 2005 02:38 pm
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Seeing as I have not had a change to so anything in the past few days, I figured I'd regale you with a tale of Stupidity from my Crawl days. This actually occured about three months after PhoenixCrawl.

I had gone back home to check in on the business after the crawl, (which was doing as well as one could expect) and was finishing up with a few details. It was nearing closing time, and these three humans walked in. This was unusual, because humans don't normally visit this part of town. This area is comprised mostly of gnomes and halflings, with the odd half-twink thrown in for good measure. So three humans walking into a locksmith's shop five minutes before closing is a little... well, .. odd.I had a general idea what they were there for, too, and it was not tea and cookies!

Sure enough, the biggest of the three whips out a dagger and demands the day's earnings. The other two look like they are in for knuckle dusting. Fortunately, I had Cold Snap under the counter (which is where i stays for such an occasion), so I started laughing and ducked under the counter. One of the other guys come vaulting over the counter to grab me, and gets the pummel buried in his gut. That knocks the wind out of him, and the second unarmed dude comes over to see what's happening. I missed his gut, and him his groin instead. He keels over faster then the first one. Guess he was not wearing any protection under his pants. The first guys starts to come back up, but I knock him cold with the pummel, this time to the head. The second guy is too busy dealing with his goolies hurting, so I wait for the Big dude with the knife to make his appearance. He sure did, by trying to stab me through the counter wall. That worked out as well as could be expected, seeing as the counter front is two layers of inch thick wood with a thin sheet of metal between the two. I heard the THUNK of the blade jamming into the wood, and his cursing as he was trying to pull it free. That gave me the time I needed to press the button on the silent alarm, which alerted the police that something was happening here. Sure, the spell was expensive, but it was worth it. I got around the corner to find the dude still trying to free his dagger. He barely had time to notice as I tumbled behind him, and hit both legs behind the kneecaps with the pummel of Cold Snap. He went down pretty fast. About 5 seconds later the local police show up, and we get things sorted out. I ended up keeping the dagger in exchange for not forcing the thugs to repair the damage to the counter. Apparently a few things on the top of the counter were damaged, but they were easily repairable. The rest of the team all had a good laugh when I told them about this a week later. And the guild said nothing about the incident either.

Well, that's it. I'm going to see if I can poke someone tonight to get some action... sheesh.


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