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Well crap!

I asked Bonivus if he could help me out in a little quest I'm. Here's the premise, and the limitation:

the limitation is that the thing between me, Bon, and that Upstart Troll Dow is that we can't be doing stuff all at the same time. Sort of like how SUperman and Clark Kent can't be hanging out at the bar togather.

So, I go to Ambermill, and get setup to whack the Archmage. But there are something like 3 decently leveled dudes protecting him. I can't take them all out at once, I'm not that good yet. So, I get setup, I go to Merry Merry land, Bon pops in and whacks all but one guard. then I pop back in, and get my undead ass killed trying to whack the last guard and the archmage.

So It looks like I need to get a real group togather to whack the dude, but apparently no one wants to.

I'd con Dow and that nasty little scorpid pet of his to do my dirty work, but he's not good enough just yet.

The big kicker? Poor bons gonna be surrounded when he pops back in. poor bastard.

Date: 2005-12-31 02:16 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks. I did try, though. that extra one must have come in right when I popped out. Sorry.

For the record, I managed to get out there without suffering serious harm.


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