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FINALLY, after waiting for big burger (as opposed to the little burger warrier, and that cheeseburger hunter) to not level ONCE, but TWICE, do I get any action. But I finally leveled. And I've got some cool new moves that I never had in the crawl, like the ability to blind people. Sap one, Blind the second, and Nuke the third, I can take on three at a time if given the opportunity. And if things get too hot? Vanish and/or RUN with sprint.

No, I'm still not telling you how I died. It's somewhat embarressing, truth be known. And no more hints either. You'd be cranky too if people came up to you and asked, "How'd you die? Was it a peaseful death? Did it hurt? did you see heaven/hell/The Elysian Fields/Purgatory/etc" I swear, next person asks me that, they'll get a one way ticket to find out first hand.

I hear that Madam Cheez got the boot form El Guild Del Cainus Frostus. ::twirls finger:: Big whoop. I left a while ago for what would appear to be a ghost guild. I'm the only one that's on when I'm on. Go figure. Even a total asshole like me needs SOME socialization now and again. Apparently, there was talk of the crazy 'lock forming her own guild for the other outcasts of the guild, but that's kinda fallen through. I can see how that could happen, actually.

Anyway, I gotta run. Stuf ain't killing itself, ya know.
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