Oct. 6th, 2005 01:50 pm
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So yeah. I got something like three quests done last night, picked up a few others, and played tourist again, all the way to thunder bluff. (Bon, you are right. it's a lot better there...) I also traveled down to the Sepulchur down in Silverpine. That was an interesting experience, considering that most of the chester down there is a few levels above me still.

Things I need to do:
finish my quests around Brill. Most of them are within my capability to easily acomplish at this point.
Get better at the ol' herbalism and potion making. That's fun stuff right there. The ability to make healing potions is a nice one. I sent a few off to Bon to see how he likes em.
maybe play tourist some more. While I was at Crossroads, I heard of this place called Rachet. Seems it's goblin run, which blows my maggoty brain. (for the non-crawl crowd, goblins are used as chester where I come from. But then, so are orcs, minotaurs, and undead...)

I need to see if Mutual Friend can maybe take some more pictures and put them somewhere. There are some neat looking places here, and I'd like to share them.

Oh yeah. I'm at level 11 now. Dual wielding is cool.
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I think I need to figure out where Bonivus is and team up to kick Mutual Friends butt. We've been sitting around doing nothing for a few days straight, and frankly, If I get any more bored, there will be Hell to pay...
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I find it odd that undead people still die. And it's not in the way that the Crawl zombies die. Those you just beat the crap out of until their limbs fall off, then you turn their bodies into beef chunks. You have none of that "cut off the head" nonsense like in those zombie movies I hear you people talk about either. Here, you have a certain amount of health. get rid of it, and poof! you keel over and it's technically dead time. At least for the chester, anyway. What I find even stranger is that when we (meaning the playas) die here, we don't really _die_. Our spirit wakes up in the (sometimes not so) nearby graveyard, and we get to run back to where our body is. Think it's nice, huh? Wrong. For starters, any spells on you are canceled. (I think you people call 'em buffs or some such.) Major suckage for the non-spell users who have to get their fix from someone else. Secondly, your armor gets a little beat up in the process. Eventually you have to get it fixed, which costs money. Third, you resurrect with about half your health. Sure, you get better over time, but that's not always a good thing. And finally, if you take too long getting back to your body, you have to fight the same batch of chester that you just killed, along with possibly fighting the person who just offed you. AND they are at full health! Talk about levels of suck! Makes me glad I'm a rogue and have the wonderful ability called stealth. that's gotten me out of a few nasty "corpse runs" I've had to do.

In any case: Part of my playing tourist was exploring Undercity. Not really a 'tourist' attraction, as certain bovine friends have mentioned. But it's an interesting place to wander around in. Lots of nooks and crannies to explore. I ran across Lady Sylvanas while I was exploring. Nice lady, but whoa! You are on tip toes and walking on eggshells around her entourage. I can see just how she managed to get free of the Scourge.

I've been informed that I'm not gettign a change to do anything tonight, so I'll just mess around on this thing and see if there are any dead porn sites out there. (and no, that's _NOT_ an invitation!
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So, sure I'm dead. This does not mean that I can't play tourist. So I took a little trip myself.

The Barrens and Duotaur: Nice place, but I don't want to live there. a bit hot for my liking, even at night. The zepplin trip was a kick, though. Especially when the other folks jumped off at the end. I tried that. Lost a _lot_ of health doing it, too.

And I've noticed that my tauren pen pal has one of these journal thing-ys as well. This is amusing, because druids and technology don't really... uh, interact very well. At least where I come from they don't. However, he's got someone transcribing it for him. Must by our mutual friend's doing. I suddenly feel like the red-headed step child here because of it. I _was_ here first, ya know...

And I pushed a "user picture" up to horrify you all as well. It's not a great picture, but hey. I'm dead. If you want pretty you probably should go somewhere else. Personally, now that I've seen Bonivus (so to speak), I think he's pretty handsome for a bi-pedal bovine. should land himself a nice cow any day now...


Sep. 29th, 2005 12:13 pm
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So, apparently I died at some point in the future. Don't ask how, I honestly don't know. I think that part of my brain was eaten by maggots or something. If I was lucky it was due to either my own stupidity, old age (HA!), or getting stepped on by a boss. If I'm not lucky, it was because my Team Mates decided to play "fishing with Halflings" again, or getting stepped on by a boss. If it was during a Crawl, I hope we at least made the spread. My uncle has told me that he's started to places bets on our team winning, and I don't want him to lose his savings in that manner...

So anyway. I think there is a paralell universe, because this is not my old body. For one thing, I'm human in this place. And this person apparently was not a rogue, because I'm having to learn everything all over again. ::sigh:: But I'm fast (at least faster then the undead chester we used to kill), and I'm pretty fit. I've also got a pen pal, too. He sent me some armor, which was awesome of him. Have no clue what he means by "mutal friend", though, or just how he found me. He did tell me that we can never meet in person. Oh well. He seems to have a pretty decent personality, as least in written word.

From what I understand, this world had a plauge hit them, and a whole lotta people died. This Tom was one of those people, I think. I don't know where this Tom's spirit went, but I do hope it's in a better place. In any case, being dead sucks, because the living hate us (well, the humans we used to be hate us), and the whole "rotting flesh" thing kinda bites as well.

I've got a few things to do, but I'll update again when I get a change. Victory for Sylvanas!


Feb. 6th, 2005 05:19 pm
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Phoenix crawl was hard. I nearly died four times. I feel pretty bad about what happened to Joe, but considering that it almost happened to ME, I've gained a bit of understanding about life. Having said that, I'm raring to go for the next crawl. We've been promoted to Division two! I've also been able to apply the skills and knowledge from running the locksmith shop to the crawls. Although I did not do very well initally with opening some of the locks and catching some of the traps, I've gotten loads better.

I heard that the other team that we were playing against lost their rogue, which is not as bad as you might think. Apparently he had gone nutter or something. In any case, I heard the Kill Factor's main strength was offensive, whereas our team is not. We are hoping to get some another tank. I think Blockolas was going to put out another call or something.

I still need to check to see how the shop is doing. I have not gotton to a telephone yet, and my family is too poor still to really afford a two way AVS system.

Looking forward to the next Crawl!
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Level one of Phoenix Crawl was very scary. I almost died twice. The damn Mage nearly snuffed it too, but we got better. The Gila Monster was almost too easy, but the orcs pretty much owned us in the Canyon room. The Orc Druid was a nasty surprise as well. I helped out by popping the locks quickly, and helped to find a few things. The searing blast at the first wall was pretty freaky as well.

I don't think I'll look on fishing quite the same after the toad room incident. Nearly bought it the second time, I did. Seeing the inside of a giant toad was an experience I'd rather not repeat, and my team mates thought it was funny! Bastards. I do feel sad though, for Joe's friends and family outside the Crawl- He was a pretty awesome guy. He didnt have a chance when that thing touched him and killed him outright. Real Shame.

We also lost our new fighter as well, not the dwarven fellow. He's got spirt to last him a _long_ time. No, we lost this two bladed fighter, Unfortunatly, his name I can't quite recall at the moment. When I rolled up to the staging area before the Green room, I was introduced to this dual blade fighter. Helluva guy, but the one minotaur just split him down the middle.

I'll write more later on, I think. I'm still in shock from the two deaths, and my own close encounters with death.
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So the portable AVS I have is possesed or something. Apparently, whatever I say gets put down as text, sort of like those "computer" things I've vaugely heard about. Personally, I don't think they'd be useful, at least in my field of work. It also retrives these strange images and other things if I tell it to. Being invited to to be the lockpick for Team Dead Meat was a very good experience. It's gotten more business at my locksmith shop at the very least. That "rogue's challange" was a pain. Literally! Although the healers tell me that the damage from the salt and ground glass was healed totally, my hands still get stiff at times.

So, It's a few months after the crawl, and I'm messing around with this crazy AVS. Suddenly a page with my teammate is displayed after I mentioned his name. Somehow his agent also has one of these crazy things. A few members of our rivals at MemphisCrawl apparently have them as well. Very strange.


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