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So I'm sitting out here in splinterprey village (or whatever it's called - that troll village out in Desolace) in the Inn when it happened. I felt really dizzy, and I swear I passed out. Neat trick for an undead to do, really. I later found out that the Dark Portal opened at right about the same time, but that's beside the point.

I REMEMBER NOW. I can't remember how it all started with the world hopping, I can't remember just WHY it happened, but I do remember it happening.

I woke up thinking that some necromancer from the guild raised my halfling ass up from the dead to fight again in another Crawl, against some other team then Dead Meat, but instead of seeing a human face, All I saw was the ugly friendly face of the troll innkeeper, who was genuinely interested about my undead state. He was freaked out when I screamed, though. Ever hear an undead scream? It's pretty damn scary. It took a few minutes, but over time the memories all crashed togather in my mind. I remember how my halfling self bit the dust. I think it was the Oracle's crystal that might have solidified my memories, though, even as I _knew_ I had gotten stronger, faster, and more nasty. I blame the demons, though. WHy? Their damn fault for the dark portal to begin with.

Oh, you want to know how I died in that other place? heheh... I can give you two hints: NOT fish-ing with halflings, and it was NOT in the crawl.

What, you want _me_ to tell _You_?? BWAHAHAHAHAHA::COUGH::

Riight. I'll tell you later, once I finish getting a few things done, like getting the rest of the salt water out of my joints. That stuff stings like a muthafucka.
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