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Yes, I'm posting. I can hear you say it already.

But the last time I checked, there was no snow in the Cauldron, or at the Burning Steppes.
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Joy. so now I get to pick bits of whatever the hell Madam Cheez had on her hand from this keyboard...

At least she didn't let the succubus get near this thing... just... eww...

Anyway. Still bored.
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Well, no.

Firstly, I have no clue who the hell this "chester cheetah" is.

And secondly.. oh wait... *[ profile] bonivus whispers into ear*

um... riight. Well, now I know who this Chester Cheetah person is... which does not fill me with happiness.


In my X-crawl days, 'Chester' was a term we used to indicate the Bad guys. the monsters that the DJs parked for us (the "good guys") to kill.

Supposedly, it was coined when this completely inept Athach that trapped and lost it's third arm whilst running through a No-Go door. You can probably guess what it's name was.

Anyway, I'm bored even typing that, so I'm gonna go kill me some chester, and get some of these stupid quests out of the way before the burger bunch start whining too much.
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Well, I'm not dead, but I'm not exactly alive either.

And here I sit in Arathi, doing *nothing*. Well, not exactly nothing. Had some help with one question, but the rest of it'll be a killer, I'm sure of that.
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Hell's yeah. Ding again. Thirty-friggin-four. I'm about 2/3 to the time where I get to fly back down to the Swamp of Sorrows and talk to that one guy about alchemy and crapola.

And the Big Mac Daddy even deigned to help me do another one of those "one man party" things again. How generous.

Hanging out in Arathi, fixing to kill some lizzards for their gizzards and shizzards. Fo fizzle.

And what's this I hear about music? If it's got a beat, I'm rocking out to it.
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FINALLY, after waiting for big burger (as opposed to the little burger warrier, and that cheeseburger hunter) to not level ONCE, but TWICE, do I get any action. But I finally leveled. And I've got some cool new moves that I never had in the crawl, like the ability to blind people. Sap one, Blind the second, and Nuke the third, I can take on three at a time if given the opportunity. And if things get too hot? Vanish and/or RUN with sprint.

No, I'm still not telling you how I died. It's somewhat embarressing, truth be known. And no more hints either. You'd be cranky too if people came up to you and asked, "How'd you die? Was it a peaseful death? Did it hurt? did you see heaven/hell/The Elysian Fields/Purgatory/etc" I swear, next person asks me that, they'll get a one way ticket to find out first hand.

I hear that Madam Cheez got the boot form El Guild Del Cainus Frostus. ::twirls finger:: Big whoop. I left a while ago for what would appear to be a ghost guild. I'm the only one that's on when I'm on. Go figure. Even a total asshole like me needs SOME socialization now and again. Apparently, there was talk of the crazy 'lock forming her own guild for the other outcasts of the guild, but that's kinda fallen through. I can see how that could happen, actually.

Anyway, I gotta run. Stuf ain't killing itself, ya know.
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So I'm sitting out here in splinterprey village (or whatever it's called - that troll village out in Desolace) in the Inn when it happened. I felt really dizzy, and I swear I passed out. Neat trick for an undead to do, really. I later found out that the Dark Portal opened at right about the same time, but that's beside the point.

I REMEMBER NOW. I can't remember how it all started with the world hopping, I can't remember just WHY it happened, but I do remember it happening.

I woke up thinking that some necromancer from the guild raised my halfling ass up from the dead to fight again in another Crawl, against some other team then Dead Meat, but instead of seeing a human face, All I saw was the ugly friendly face of the troll innkeeper, who was genuinely interested about my undead state. He was freaked out when I screamed, though. Ever hear an undead scream? It's pretty damn scary. It took a few minutes, but over time the memories all crashed togather in my mind. I remember how my halfling self bit the dust. I think it was the Oracle's crystal that might have solidified my memories, though, even as I _knew_ I had gotten stronger, faster, and more nasty. I blame the demons, though. WHy? Their damn fault for the dark portal to begin with.

Oh, you want to know how I died in that other place? heheh... I can give you two hints: NOT fish-ing with halflings, and it was NOT in the crawl.

What, you want _me_ to tell _You_?? BWAHAHAHAHAHA::COUGH::

Riight. I'll tell you later, once I finish getting a few things done, like getting the rest of the salt water out of my joints. That stuff stings like a muthafucka.
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Sort of. I'm not alive (DUH!), but I'm not dead.

But then, I think we've _had_ this discussion already.

So anyway, I've got a nifty hat now. Sure it sucks rocks for what I do (sneak around and kill stuff), but every bit helps, right?

Oh yeah, and Free Re-spec #2. Huzzah. It's a mixed spec this time, but one that appears to be working nicely.

So I'm hearing all this stuff now. Madam Cheez is moving right along, at least up to one point. She's stuck at this strange point in one of the quests where she has to kill this mage that can beat her and that big blue bag of nothing she she drags around and not even breath hard. Then there's the Shammy of Doom that is just goofy looking with that gay pink armor on. And I'm not even going to discuss the Pally and mage bitch, let along the hunter cow and the bull-fighter. And The Drooid is bored to tears. Maybe with the Dark portal re-opening, I'll get some answers to what happened to myself finally.
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Either that, or someone needs to be beaten with a large stick. I hear the druid has one that's suitable for that. :)

I think that Mutual friend needs to be beaten, at least. Seriously.

In any case, I'm over in Kalimdor, at this cute retreat like place. Trouble is, I'm almost too high a level for the chester 'round these parts, and the next zone over is too high. So I guess I'll be grindind away some more.

I do know that I need to get more tasty herbs and spices, though. I've been a bit negligent in that respect.

And whose idea was it to tie one's lock picking skill to level? That sucks rocks.

I did hear from a little undead bird that Swang got off the fabreeze, though. Something about squishy socks and having that "not-so-fresh" feeling a while after wards. I *did* warn him about it, though...

Oh yeah. The "Big News". I left Frost Wolves. Nothing personal, but there's this rogue group forming up that promises to make PVP camping Crossroads interesting ::snicker:: This sounds like fun and something that might be useful, if I ever get somewhere. ::pokes mutual friend::
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Heh. Today is a double win for me. [ profile] bonivus is out of touch at the moment, and I get a free re-spec.


The only downside is that my "home", The Undercity, is kinda in LaLa Land at the moment. Sucks, don't it?

And my pen-pal is cranky because apparently he's been playing the other side, and gee! he can't get to that hot alliance chick mage of his. SUCKS TO BE YOU, PAL!

Make that a TRIPLE win. I'm the highest ranking playa he's got at the moment. ::snicker::
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... Or at least one would think so. I haven't gotten any action in so long you'd think I was a priest. (well, except Greed, maybe. I hear Shammies (the shorthand for Shamen) get plenty of action. Am I right Zao?)

All because people want the walking Beefsteak to get up to level 60. And here I sit, rotting away at 27 or 28. It's been so long, I've forgotten what level I'm at!

And I'm sure the troll and orc are getting cranky. And what's this I hear about a warlock joining in? I don't truck with that evil stuff, no sir.

And I'll not even discuss how I found out about the dorf.

But I think my X-crawl memories are starting to come back, I think. Eithe rthat, or some maggot has died in one of the gooey folds of my brain, and I'm hallucinating. But I think I'm starting to remember how I died in that other place.


Mar. 21st, 2006 02:45 pm
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Yawning is the process in which the living breath. The body forces itself to take in an extra deep breath primarily in order to get more oxygen into the bloodstream. This is why most people yawn when they wake up, because they are going from a mostly non-active state to a more active state.

Yawning is also used to signal boredom, even if one's physiology does not require a yawn to occur.


I hear that that silly bull went and annoyed a bunch of dwarfs over in this place called Uldaman a few days ago. It'd be nice if I could annoy a few dwarves as well... I even know where a few are. I also hear that he's doing very little fighting, but healing people. That's cool.

And don't even get me started on that silly troll and his pet scorpion, or the orc. I don't care if he eats with a spoon and fork.

And swang? I think you need to lay off the Fabreeze. Phew. Seriously, that smell is just _wrong_ coming off you...
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Well, Well, Well.

I need to update this silly thing more often.

And I need to smack Dow upside his beady troll head for taking all our time away.

I'm getting bored here, and you know what they say about idle hands...

No. NOT THAT. Perverts.

I hear Bonivus got this shiny looking talbard to wear, just because he's in this "high and mighty" guild. Big Deal. He's got the money for it, apparently. I asked around to one of the vendors last time I was in Undercity, and they want a gold for one. Good grief!

And what's this I hear about pictures? What, no one wants a picture of me?
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Well crap!

I asked Bonivus if he could help me out in a little quest I'm. Here's the premise, and the limitation:

the limitation is that the thing between me, Bon, and that Upstart Troll Dow is that we can't be doing stuff all at the same time. Sort of like how SUperman and Clark Kent can't be hanging out at the bar togather.

So, I go to Ambermill, and get setup to whack the Archmage. But there are something like 3 decently leveled dudes protecting him. I can't take them all out at once, I'm not that good yet. So, I get setup, I go to Merry Merry land, Bon pops in and whacks all but one guard. then I pop back in, and get my undead ass killed trying to whack the last guard and the archmage.

So It looks like I need to get a real group togather to whack the dude, but apparently no one wants to.

I'd con Dow and that nasty little scorpid pet of his to do my dirty work, but he's not good enough just yet.

The big kicker? Poor bons gonna be surrounded when he pops back in. poor bastard.


Nov. 9th, 2005 02:38 pm
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Seeing as I have not had a change to so anything in the past few days, I figured I'd regale you with a tale of Stupidity from my Crawl days. This actually occured about three months after PhoenixCrawl.

with no further ado! )
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So I'm sitting in a boat by Rachet. I'm having to learn to Pick. Locks. All. Over. Again. I'm sure that Morae is laughing as me RIGHT NOW. FOrtunately, I'm as nimble as I used to be (at least before the "powdered glass" incident), and this body seems to know already how to hold a lock pick set. The tools I have are notthing special to write home about. the Defunt set I got when I joined Dead Meat is marginally better. But these seem to work just fine on the locks that I'm encountering here.

And of course, Polly the Overgrown Parrot proceeded to kick my ass. Stupid bird. I'll get that thing, though.. Just you wait.
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So I'm riding a Bat back to SIlverpine to resume the quests I paused while I scared up some herbs and spices.

I also sent a few things off to that one kid that Bon asked me to. Hope he likes the potions I sent him.

WHoops, gotta run.
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I be Tom Knobbins the undead Pirate. Swabber of the seven....

OK, Jokes over. It's Hallow's End here, and I'm exploring Duotar. I'm currently hanging out in a pirate outfit (pictures as soon as our Mutual Friend Get them) at this place called Tiragarde Keep. It might be a bit beneath me to kill these land lubbers, but they'd have to be dead.

Get it?? HA! I kill my self!! Oh wait, I might have. Never mind...

In any case, I'm doing a nice thing, which is why I'm wandering around Duotar. Hot as it is, It's also where the ORcs and Trolls grow up. One of the orphans can't go trick or treating, so I'm doing it for her. I'm such a nice undead boy...


Oct. 13th, 2005 03:38 pm
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I finally got some action last night. I managed to finish most of the quests I have active, and picked up a few more. I also leveled up too, which is always a nice thing. RIght now I'm hanging out in this cute little place called Rachet. Goblins. Lots of goblins. Can't say I have any real love for em, but these at least seem to be reasonably friendly. and boy do they talk funny! Nothing like the goblins where I came from. I think it's the minotaur's turn next, so I get to hang out here for a while. the innkeeper here did warn me about the exploding stove. ::rolls eyes::
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So yeah. Hanging out in SIlverpine now, at least for a little while. I've still got a quest in Brill to nail, but I wanted a change of scenery.

And you may now call me a Deathstalker. I also met the Lady Sylvanas today as well. She's pretty cool, all things considered. Her 2nd in command (if you could call a Dreadlord that), Varimathras, is funnier then hell. But, hey, he's a dreadlord. he can be whatever the hell he wants to be. The sense of humor makes him pretty cool to deal with, in any case.

Not much else to tell, in any case. I think I'm going to get some rest. For someone who's supposedly dead, I feel tired...
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